Welcome to Our 2020 Autumn Program

Welcome to Hamilton Sings, Hamilton’s original community choir.

Undaunted by the challenges of COVID-19, choir leaders Sue Crowe Connolly and Hanna Bech Mathieson are preparing an autumn 2020 season of song, delivered to your home and desktop through Zoom technology. Though temporarily absent from our traditional rehearsal space of the Hamilton Boys and Girls Club, we’re delighted to take a virtual and vital place in your living room.

Some highlights of our 2020 autumn program:

  • Real connections with your music-loving friends
  • Focus on musical skill building at your own pace
  • Explore various musical traditions such as Quebec music history & culture
  • Dynamic instruction includes possible workshops led by local and international artists
  • Member access to instructional materials includes voice files and sheet music

Rehearsals commence on Saturday September 12th at 10:00 am and continue until Saturday December 5th. As usual, the first rehearsal is open to all interested individuals, after which registration will be closed to members only.

The registration process is live on our web site hamiltonsings.ca

In the meantime, we have your contact information if you are a returning member or alumni. Anyone new to our choir can send an email to hamiltonsings@gmail.com requesting to join our contact list. We’ll get our act together on the registration process within a couple of weeks.

We like to budget on all members contributing $150 upon registration however the real world does not necessarily make that possible for everyone. You can contribute what you can, when you can – financial constraints should not be an impediment to joining us. You can also make a difference by encouraging your family and friends to become part of our growing community.

Members can e-transfer funds directly to treasurer.hamiltonsings@gmail.com or a cheque can be mailed to 87 Beechwood Avenue, Hamilton, ON, L8L 257.

Rest assured that despite the restrictions placed on choral gatherings, Hamilton Sings remains firmly committed to delivering high quality choral instruction to the community at large. We welcome all adults and older youth, total amateur to experienced musician alike, from all four corners of the world, to have FUN, FUN, FUN on our collective musical journey.

Got a question or comment? Let us know at hamiltonsings@gmail.com

Yours in song,

Brenda Atkinson


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