A Concert?

Hi all:

Well, it seems you’ve all made such an impression with our music directors Piper and Hanna that they feel confident you can share your musical success by way of a public concert tentatively scheduled for December 10th. The details (venue/time/program etc) are in development but at the very least mark this day on your calendar as special. And have your near and dear do the same thing.

And while we’re talking concert, we could really use someone who would be willing to lead the charge on the event itself. You know, some sort of organized sort, a concert coordinator, who could take care of the details and delegate tasks to the other volunteers we’re hoping will step forward. Please speak up at break time this coming Saturday and lend a hand – it’s your choir folks!

And, in the spirit of giving, Bill Nesbitt has announced he will be doing his Christmas Newfoundland cookie fundraiser again this year. We’d like to describe the cookies in delicious detail however some of us have spouses that scarf this baker’s dozen back before other people even have a chance to look at them. We hope to simplify the ordering process by accepting orders via HamiltonSings.ca. More details on this coming atcha soon.

This term has been challenging enough with emerging from the pandemic and struggling with settling into a second venue after Bennetto’s roof repair stumble. Hopefully our last, and fairly benign, complication is the Ryerson United Church has changed its name – their facebook page has announced that their new name will now be Faith United Church. We’ll be referencing this change as: Faith (formerly Ryerson) United Church to minimize any possible confusion.

If you have yet to get term fees (or PWYC) to us, please do so soon. See further detail below for how much and how to.


Brenda Atkinson


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