An Addiction

Dear Songsters

I have a confession to make – I’m a harmony junkie. Yes, it’s true. And I got a fix this past Saturday when I heard Sue sing the other 3 parts of Tula while I stuck with the Soprano II part that I know fairly well. Harmony resonated in my bones as the other parts hit my headphones. What a rush.

Our November 7th rehearsal commenced with frog-in-your-throat clearing exercises and went on to explore Fire In My Heart, Tula, My Spirit Needs to Laugh, Lilly’s Fair, Let Me Go, and Fire in Your Heart (Glowin’ Glowin’). Though the tunes were toothsome and the camaraderie satisfying – we had time to chat about a couple of additional topics that I need to share with you:

An outdoor get-together in the Spring of 2021? Sue brought up the idea of perhaps getting together, safely of course, outdoors somewhere. She has a particular spot in mind in the Royal Botanical Gardens arboretum but would welcome any input from others who know of a suitable corner somewhere. . . . . Let us know at

Words from our Treasurer Tom Ciancone. As you all know, registration fees this term were a suggested $75/person or PWYC. If you have not already made payment, please forward term fees to as soon as possible. If you choose to exceed this suggested amount ( we won’t argue!), Tom can prepare a charitable giving receipt for surplus amounts. Please keep in mind that the bulk of your contributions go towards paying our musical conductors a modest stipend for their very professional work.

The Rhythm Workshop with Olivia Brown got nicely underway this past Monday. We touched upon basic rhythmic notation, time signatures, read chart passages of rhythm, and tried writing rhythms of our own. We’ve been told to bring something to next Monday’s session that can amp up the volume of our rhythms beyond foot tapping – brass flower pot and a chop stick perhaps? Could be interesting!

And, with rhythm in mind, I thought I’d share the following link with you to a tune that I’ve always found rhythmically intriguing, if not baffling. Don’t Wait For Tom, by Over the Rhine.

Hoping to see, and hear, you all Saturday morning.


Brenda Atkinson

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