Duty Calls: The AGM

Duty calls, fellow choristers.

Indeed, this Saturday May 30th at 10am you can exercise your rights, satisfy your obligations, and have a hand in your choir’s future. I’m talking about our first ever virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM), brought to your device by that devilishly clever meeting software called Zoom.

As a registered charity, an AGM is a requirement that still exists even in this Covid 19 era. As our membership fluctuates by term, it is important that all of you special, iconoclastic, tune-loving people participate in this meeting on Saturday. Please keep in mind that if it is impossible for you to attend, you can pass the proxy for your vote to a fellow choir member. Alternatively, with limitations, if your buddies are not available, you could name a board member. Here’s a link to the board member list on the HS website http://hamiltonsings.ca/board-2019-2020/

If a proxy is your choice, please send your decision to info@hamiltonsings.ca no later than 10pm Friday May 29th. In this email please state:

  1. Your name.
  2. The name of the recipient of your proxy vote.
  3. That you are passing on to your named proxy the authority to vote on all matters that may arise at the Hamilton Sings Annual General Meeting on Saturday May 30, 2020.

And, as you think about preparing your meeting space on Saturday morning, please have a white, blank, letter size piece of paper nearby. This will be used by you to “flag” your vote and request the floor.

Be forewarned that we’ll be contacting you again this week as it’s really, really, really important that everyone attend. With all the challenges we face, we need your input to propel us into our new future.

Stay healthy all.

Brenda Atkinson


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