AGM 2022

Most honourable fellow choristers:

As promised, courtesy of your hard working board Secretary Marija Kupina, please find attached the documentation needed for your informed attendance at this year’s Hamilton Sings Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday May 28th, 2022, 10 am via Zoom (meeting link below).

As a registered community charity, we are required to elect a board of directors, run meetings, fill in government forms and perform a number of other duties that learned entities deem necessary. If the ennui associated with such a process is usually too much for you to bear – fear not! You’ll get a chance to see a few new or familiar faces, wonder at the aging effects two years of COVID lockdowns can wrought and marvel at the determination of your singing peers to get us all back together again this fall. In person. After two years. Wow.

This is your opportunity to participate in the inner workings of an esteemed community singing organization. Our corporate rules demand that a minimum of 50% +1 of active members attend this meeting in order to successfully vote on motions and other fun stuff. With the limitations imposed on active participation due to Zoom gatherings rather than live rehearsals, don’t let a spotty year of attendance inhibit you from participating in the AGM.

Hamilton Sings is only as powerful as its participating members.

So come to the AGM and flex those muscles!

Warm regards,

Brenda Atkinson


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