AH – OO – AH – AY – EE – OH – OO

AH – OO – AH – AY – EE – OH – OO Everyone:

No, you’re not hearing the local prowling ally cat. No, you haven’t dropped your iPad on your foot. And no, your mother-in-law isn’t at your front door.

These are the sounds of your fellow choristers warming up on a Saturday morning as Sue leads the way to vocal self-awareness. Alas, Hanna could not join us last week but we consoled ourselves with a little meander down memory lane with some old favourites.

Huge thanks going out to Hanna and Gjeoff Ball for organizing and presenting an excellent sight singing workshop. For those that couldn’t attend, a video of the workshop with all associated materials will be available online for a limited run, until the end of May. Cost is $25 and details will firm up shortly

Due to member requests, Dona Nobis Pacem, God Bless The Grass, Temagami Round, Fire in My Heart and more were happily revisited. Sue also introduced C was a Camel of the Edward Lear Nonsense Alphabet series.

If you’re like me and studiously ignore your calendar alerts- just a reminder that we meet again tomorrow on March 13th, then take March 20th off and will be back again for the second half of our winter term on March 27th.

Below, you’ll find the needed link for tomorrow’s session. A special treat is in store for you with our own Bill Nesbitt leading us through Tickle Cove Pond. What fun!

See you tomorrow.


Brenda Atkinson


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