And then there were NONE!

And then there were NONE! . . . Many thanks again to all of you who participated in our bi-annual Nova Scotia blueberries fundraiser. The last of our “just in case” stash got sold last week and now we can all concentrate on eating them. And if life wasn’t good enough already, we’ve got more goodies for sale courtesy of fellow chorister Bill Nesbitt:

The now infamous Newfoundland cookies and squares are going fast. We will be taking orders until December 11th (or until 30 boxes have sold), and Bill Nesbitt will deliver them on December 16th and 17th on his recumbent bicycle.

Each box will contain 13 pieces. The recipes are traditional favourites from Newfoundland:

  • Lassy Mogs -soft, spicy gingerbread cookies with dates and nuts
  • Date Crumbles – rich, buttery Newfoundland date squares
  • Five Star Bars- chewy coconut bar topped in chocolate
  • Nut Sandies- buttery shortbread snowballs with pecan pieces

They will be nicely packaged and make a lovely gift if you have the willpower not to eat them yourself! Bill’s original artwork label will feature Newfoundland Mummers this year (as opposed to the gorgeous puffins of latter years) and recipes will be sent by e-mail to each customer.

Still just $20 a box, and all proceeds go to Hamilton Sings! Community Choir.

Place your order by sending an e-transfer to with a delivery address in the e-transfer message line . . . . Don’t delay, as dawdling can lead to disappointment!

As mentioned last week, fellow choir member and marketing guru Denise Bedell has marshalled her company’s resources at Content Innovo to produce the following video promotion for HamiltonSings!. The multiplying effect of social media is undeniable so you’ll be doing your choir a great favour by copying the link below and sharing with everyone in your digital world:

It’s appropriate that we initiate a powerful push to inform the general public about our existence as we are on the brink of returning to live rehearsals this coming January! Details are firming up and we’ll keep you informed in the coming weeks but this much we’re certain of – our final Zoom rehearsal this term will be Saturday December 11th, which might be, might be, our last Zoom rehearsal ever? Though our music directors Emma and Piper have been doing an estimable job of providing music instruction every week (thank you!), they, like you, are eager to get back to the real deal – in-person choral harmony.

So, we’ll need volunteers to help guide the re-opening and growth of the choir. Hamilton Sings is entirely run by it’s volunteers and the more that can participate, the better the choir functions. So please drop us a line at if you can give some time getting us up and running again. We’ve heard from a few of you but still need more hands.

Christmas is coming, the season for gift-giving. Rumour has it that the congestion in the global supply chain is going to cause some surprising goods shortages this year. So why stress about it when a perfectly good opportunity exists to give the gift of a community vocal experience rather than more stuff? Consider buying the gift of a Hamilton Sings membership for your near and dear. Send an e-transfer with the details to today.


Brenda Atkinson


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