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I’m going to be spare you much in the way of words from me today and direct you to follow the link below to an estimable Globe and Mail article from Canadian wordsmith Saleema Nawaz. (Many thanks to co-chorister Gil Dunlop for providing the link!) Ms. Nawaz is the author of the just released novel “Songs For the End Of The World”, a tale of a pandemic and the necessity of community. The article below details her personal experience with her own community choir gone virtual by obvious necessity. Give it a read!

Akin to Saleema, you can enjoy seeing everyone tomorrow at 10am. All you cool cats can make a Choral Connection to our social isolation sessions as they continue until May 23rd, so come join us while you can! Our last session will be followed by our Annual General Meeting (AGM) Saturday May 30th. Keep those board member nominations coming and your eyes open for a meeting package to be sent your way soon. Though this darn virus has cramped our style, the HS board is geared up for our future, our songs, our community, and our choir.

And for those of you who care for a stroll down memory lane, courtesy of Hanna, here’s a link to our 2015 concert! Seems like an alternative universe in these days of Covid-19 2020.

Below you will find attachments for the lyrics we need tomorrow.

See ya then.

Brenda Atkinson


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