“It’s my bank account Doc.”

Hi Everybody

Psssst! Is anybody out there? I’m stuck in a Covid-19 head fog and can barely tell if I’m breathing. . .   Not to make light of the suffering of the sick and those overwhelmed by their care and welfare – that’s all too real. The healthy can thank whatever gods they believe in for their continued good fortune and must do their part to limit the spread of this dang virus. But social isolation has mental health costs for all of us, so keep that heart/brain of yours fit and participate in our virtual sessions Saturday mornings – you’ll be better for it. Have a friend join us as well – our registration page remains open for exactly that purpose.

On the continued subject of health, if a physician was to ask the Hamilton Sings organization where it hurts, the reply would be “It’s my bank account Doc.” Please, oh please, if you can get your fees to us, don’t hesitate. Additionally, in anticipation of starting our fall session on a firm financial footing with new professional music direction, we’re working on some fundraising efforts and could really use more member participation. Expanding our active members list goes a long way to helping support the choir. Spread the word about our merry band of singers to all your friends, relatives, neighbours, employers, etc

Mark your calendars – Annual General Meeting June 5th at 10 am, via Zoom. You’ll get caught up on what your board members have been up to, and be given the opportunity to ask questions, as well as cast your vote on a number of items. A comprehensive package will be sent to you at least 4 weeks prior to the meeting date. Please put forward your name or a name of who you deem worthy for the position of board member – we anticipate a need for approximately 4 new members. You can do so by contacting hamiltonsings@gmail.com up until June 3rd.

20songLove20 is the password for our private members only page. Already filled with lyric sheets and voice files current and archival, once we’re over some technical impediments we’ll be adding the voice files for Solstice Carol, our chosen piece for our upcoming video project. Project registration will be organized by Sue and Marija and registrants will be forwarded an instruction sheet. Our own Eric Matto recently participated in a similar project for the Canadian Orpheus Male Choir. Test your “where’s Waldo (Eric)” skills and see if you can find him in the sea of handsome faces.

The 3-minute video can be found on the COMC website at www.comc.ca. It’s right on the main page just under the group photo, and the song is called What Would I Do Without My Music.

And the easy link to our Saturday sessions can be found below.

Cheers all

Brenda Atkinson


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