Blueberries Are Coming!

Hi there:

Hope you’re all as keen as I am to join together for a virtual rehearsal tomorrow at 10am. Though not as good as the real thing – it’s a great consolation to see and hear everyone. Just a few edited words from Hanna to clarify the nature of the experience:

“It is video learning, and our voices do not sync up. We have fun visiting each week, there is some sort of short warm up – we teach by rote with the song leader (who switches every week) and after learning we do our best to sing together. Zoom seems to favour one voice at a time, so it just isn’t possible to sing together. I am however, putting together some videos from the back of a 2017 performance that allow you to sing a harmony. Starlight Tours is up right now, with the PDF, lyrics and learning tracks up if you would like to practice harmonies in this context.”

Take note that the registration page is open for HS Alumni and your friends to join our virtual rehearsals, more groovily known as the “Social Isolation Sessions” – sounds like a promo from Blue Note Records doesn’t it? Please keep in mind that the material found on the members page is for your use only – else we risk harassment due to copyright violation, bad, very bad.

The Blueberries Are Coming! Saturday afternoon in fact, so make sure you can hear your doorbell after 2:30 pm. The delivery team has successfully found more volunteers to make safe deliveries occur smoothly – thanks ever so much for all your time and effort, it really makes a big difference..

In conclusion, I’d like to share my amendments to a Bob Edmonds tune you already know:

“Carry on through the thunder, carry on through the rain, carry on, when Covid’s come and gone. There is a virus we can bear, hand sanitizer to share, so we rise, and we will carry on.”

Miss you guys!

Brenda Atkinson

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