Blueberries. And the story of a singer,

Good Morning.

Blueberries, gotta have em. They’re tasty, very blue, and come in variable round shapes. Put em’ in your lunch bag, your morning pancakes, a smoothie, and your lover’s freezer. Sign up today!

Our March 9th rehearsal will take place at Delta United Church, 47 Ottawa Street South, in the Memory Room.

The final concert and dress rehearsal dates are still in question as we have not yet heard from enough of you. Get off your duff and let us know your availability so we can book a venue ASAP. I’ve pasted the core questions below:

Please reply to this email and say, yes or no.  Please note, we are asking you to say if you are available, and not asking for your preference of date.  This means if you can come both dates, please say “Yes” – even if you’d like one date better than the other.

Concert Dates – on Sundays:

April 28th       Yes     No

May 5th          Yes    No

Dress Rehearsals – Saturdays:

April 27th morning  9:45 -12 noon       Yes    No

April 27th afternoon   1:15 – 3:30         Yes    No

May 4th  morning  9:45 -12 noon       Yes    No 

May 4th  afternoon   1:15 – 3:30         Yes    No 

And an important detail regarding your pent up desire to donate – our long-suffering Treasurer Tom can no longer endure the utter incompetence of Paypal and has banished their link from the Hamilton Sings web site. Happily, you can easily offer up an e-transfer instead, with no password required. While you’re there, you can also check out the Choir Finances page to get the dope on the dough required to run this enterprise.

A couple of years back, HS membership was lucky enough to attend a special weekend workshop. One of the tunes we learned, “In The Rain” has been uploaded onto the Active Members page. Check out the fun here

My restaurant employs a prep cook who belts out Gilbert and Sullivan tunes while chopping vegetables at dizzying speed with a razor sharp chef’s knife. He’s Sri Lankan and an utter orphan, as his entire extended family was wiped out in the 2004 Asian tsunami. Yet he sings while he works. Awesome.

See ya tomorrow kids.

Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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