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The deity called Google posed this question: Do blueberries lose nutrients when frozen? An elite nutritionist answered:

“Frozen berries contain the same nutrients as freshly harvested berries, maintaining those nutrients for months or years while being stored in the freezer, so it is easy to see why purchasing frozen berries is a good idea.”

Make no mistake, this good idea called wild Nova Scotia blueberries are of exceptional quality and a culinary artist’s dream ingredient. Let your friends and neighbours in on this special opportunity while supporting your choir. Check out the link below for an inspiring recipe courtesy of The Food Network

Here’s how to place your order:

A 2 kg frozen bag is $22.00 and HS!CC receives $9.00 for every bag sold!! Orders must be placed by October 23rd, using the handy order form linked here:

All orders will be delivered on Saturday, October 30th in the afternoon, to your home using precautions and social distancing. Sorry, we are only able to deliver within the boundaries of Hamilton. Drop a line to if you would like to help out with deliveries – or let Denise, Andrea or Bill know on Saturday (you can put it in chat, and we will also ask our choir directors to announce it).

Our music directors are gearing up to offer choir members and the general public a couple of workshop opportunities:

Somatic Voice: Powerful Voice Techniques for Mind Body Connection, Sunday November 7th, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Hosted by Piper Hayes.

Workshop Description provided by Piper:

“We are not necessarily taught how to speak or sing powerfully. In fact, we often do many things to suppress our vocal power. The voice and how we use it can connect us with some of the most vulnerable aspects of self-expression, and with each other. This workshop is all about ‘vocal empowerment’; uncovering the physiological, technical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our voice, in order to reach a fuller expression. Gain comprehensive experience of the body, sound production and practical techniques to help you best utilize your voice as an instrument of both physical and emotional power. This workshop is for all who wish to learn a holistic approach to vocal expression. No experience necessary.”
Website: Cost is $40 or PWYC. To register, please contact

Music Theory Workshop, Sunday November 21st, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Hosted by Emma Moss.

Emma has kindly provided the details below:

“If you are looking to enhance your reading abilities, or to begin on your path in learning how to read music, this two-hour session will be of great benefit to you! This Theory Workshop, run by yours truly, is being offered on November 21st from 1-3pm via Zoom. Having studied theory from a very young age at university and RCM ARCT Honours level, and alongside teaching music theory, harmony, analysis, and history for years, as well as being a live and working notating composer and conductor, I will be happy to fill in any gaps you may have in the realm of music theory. In this course, you will have the opportunity to engage in reading music in various clefs, learn about the anatomy of sheet music, rhythms + rest and note values, scales, time signatures, accidentals, intervals, chords, and will be engaging in ear training practice. If you have always wanted to enhance your ability to engage with sheet music, this is your chance to ask questions, seek explanations, and practice these concepts in a fun, engaging, and intensive manner. We hope that you will join us on November 21st for this deep dive into the World of Music Theory! (Cost per person is $40 or PWYC for one two-hour intensive session. To register, please send a notice of your interest to (Workshop will run with minimum of 4 participants) This workshop is open to the public as well as choir membership – so invite a friend!”

Help Our Choir Co-Directors to Get to Know the Choir and Shape Our Future Direction

Emma and Piper have created a questionnaire that they would love everyone to fill out so they can get to know our choir members better. It will only take people about 5 min and would help them a great deal:

Fall 2021 Choral Questionnaire

Our Newfoundland cookie fundraiser is coming!! These make great gifts and a lovely addition to the holiday spread. We will have sign up launching soon, more details to follow.

We need volunteers to help guide the growth of the choir. If you have some time (it doesn’t take much, we promise) drop us a line at and join a committee (e.g. fundraising, membership, communications, etc). Or just volunteer to help out with our activities. We’d love to have you!

We also need, really need, your term fees. We’re suggesting $150/term or PWYC (pay what you can) and will provide a tax receipt for any amount received above $75. We’re treading on thin ice financially but like many institutions challenged by Covid – we can at least see the shoreline. Anything (we’re serious about PWYC) you can manage to contribute will help us continue. Send an e-transfer to today!

Many thanks to Denise Bedell for volunteering to keep you all informed while I was away on a road trip. Besides encountering a blizzard at Roger’s Pass, our old Roadtrec got us out there and back to you all. My granddaughter sends her regards.


Brenda Atkinson


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