Born for the Concert

Hi there folks. . . .

You gotta check out the lovely poster on our web site for the spring concert “Born in the Ocean”.  After this long winter, I can barely remember water exists that’s warm enough to swim in – isn’t it usually slush soiling one’s thin winter boots?  And that colour of blue – you can actually feel the sun blazing through it. Spring’s coming, I’m sure of it now.

Have you approached your favourite local businesses yet for concert programme advertising? You should because:

A)    you’ve supported them, so now it’s time for them to support you (us).

B)    It’s great value – do you know how expensive conventional print advertising is? Eek!

C)   Everyone will sleep better for fostering an estimable community endeavour.

This update contains additional messages from fellow members so in the interests of brevity, I will resist the temptation to prattle on. However, do try to practice when you can, write a cheque for your favourite choir when you can, and scrutinize the Active Members page when you can for valuable information as our concert date draws near.

The following is a message from Tony Carlson:

Sponsorship initiative

Can you help us find new sponsors?

A subcommittee of the board is developing a sponsorship program, aiming to solicit two types of sponsors: 1) general sponsorship of the choir as a whole and 2) specific concert sponsors. Our approach would be to offer different levels up to a maximum of $3,000 for overall sponsorship and up to $1,500 for a concert. Because each approach requires a good deal of research, we want to target organizations that have some demonstrated interest in community building, especially if it involves support for the performing arts. 

Because it’s not what you know but who you know, we are asking any choir member who works for – or knows of – a company that fits that description and would be open to an approach from us to please let us know who to talk to.

We have identified and are contacting about a dozen potential targets, but any help from any chorister would be much appreciated. Please let Tony Carlson know of any ideas you have at

Bill Nesbitt, bass, also has a message for his fellows:

Hello fellow basses!  I wont be at practice on March 30th, but would like to get the ball rolling on our Ghosts of Oak Island” raffle basket.  If this is agreeable, I am happy to fabricate a reasonable facsimile of a Pirate Treasure Chest as our container.  What sort of booty” do you all envisage to fill it with?  Captain Morgan Rum, chocolate coins?  Your ideas will help me determine how big a chest we need!  Let me know by e-mail, and Ill report in person on April 6.  Yarrr!

In closing, what better way to send you on your way but with the calm soothing sounds of your very own choir. Check out this performance of Hanna’s composition “Butterfly”, conducted by Sue at our 2017 spring concert Take note that you will find yourselves performing in this stellar venue in a mere 4 weeks!


Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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