Brenda’s First Limerick

Salutations Fellow Singers:

 At the risk of sounding like my grade 7 mathematics teacher – have you been doing your homework?  Log on to and become familiar with the Active Members Page voice files. I find if I listen with headphones and sing along while cupping my hands in front of my face, the sound I make travels back into my eardrums and when I get resonance – I’ve got it! Additionally, cupping hands in front of one’s face spares the neighbours, the house pets, and one’s beloved from this educational adventure. Repetition leads to learning they say – can’t repeat that enough, though I may be risking annoying at least one person by saying so. Repeat after me – Ssfooir may ol-us air muh ggawn. Now sing this phrase in key whilst tapping your belly button and jumping up and down. Wah-hoo, you’ve got it now!

 You can still sign up for Voice 101: what’s that instrument called You?, led by our choir leader Sue – a one session investigation into what takes place when singing, that will be held at Delta United Church this coming Tuesday March 6th at 7pm. $20 or sliding scale

 This Saturday’s rehearsal will be a continuance of our efforts this term to practice, refine, and prepare ourselves for our April 29th concert at Christ’s Church Cathedral. I’ve noticed that concert volunteers continue to check in – thank you! You’re an elite group of community-minded individuals and I’m tickled pink to know you. Feel free to add your name to the concert volunteer list if you have not yet done so. All welcome.

 I don’t really have much else to say at this point but will close with my first attempt at a limerick:

 There once was an alto from Hamilton
Who annoyed a bass with her shamble-ing
The bass raised his head
And the alto said instead
“Who are you to judge my dancing?”

Thanks for listening…

Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

P.S. Just got word from Sue that she has suffered a viral relapse and will not be well enough to conduct the workshop this coming Tuesday. Therefore:

Voice 101 – that instrument called you, will be postponed until Tuesday March 20th, 7pm, Delta United Church. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but viruses can be so thoughtless.

Additionally, Hanna would like you all to follow this link to a YouTube playlist that merits your attention:

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