Can’t Wait to See Everyone

Hello Choristers!

The fall 2021 Zoom choral sessions will commence this Saturday, September 18th, at 10 am. We can’t wait to see everyone!

A Message of Welcome from Emma and Piper, our new Choir Co-Directors.

Another September has begun and we are so pleased to be joining the Hamilton Sings! Community — and to get singing with all of you. We both wholeheartedly believe that everyone can sing and are so happy to be leading a group of individuals deeply invested in this philosophy.

Emma will be bringing us together with her expertise in classical frequencies making them accessible to all. And Piper will work to connect us with her folk song sensibilities and offerings of somatic voice work.

This week we will be introducing two pieces: “Merge with the River” and “The Water is Wide.”

Here we go… let’s get singing!

Registration Is Open!!

PLEASE REGISTER for this upcoming session, if you would like to participate and receive our weekly updates. Otherwise we’ll move you to the Alumni list and only bug you occasionally with emails. Just hit this link for the registration page:

As always, we ask that you contribute $150 (or pay what you can) to fund our operations upon registration. We are happy to confirm that a tax receipt is available for a portion of that amount.

These funds allow for professional level music instruction and associated choir expenses. Like all community choirs, the pandemic has imposed serious limitations on our financial health and your contribution is needed. If the fees seem beyond you, you can alternatively contribute on an on-going basis — say $25 every couple of weeks throughout the term? Additionally, you could throw your considerable power into a fundraising effort by joining the fundraising committee.

Fundraising and Membership Activities

Our traditional blueberry fundraiser will be launching soon, with blueberries coming our way around mid-to-late October – in plenty of time for seasonal holidays. Looking for inspiration? Send us your blueberry recipes and we will include them in coming updates.

Drop a line to if you would like to help out with deliveries – or let Denise, Andrea or Bill know on Saturday (you can put it in chat, and we will also ask our lovely choir directors to announce it). Thanks folks!

Our Newfoundland cookie fundraiser will also be going ahead in November/December, thanks to the generous donation of time, energy and more from chorister Bill Nesbitt. We will have sign up launching soon, more details to follow.

We are looking for volunteers to join in and help guide the growth of the choir. If you have some time (it doesn’t take much, I promise) drop us a line at and join a committee (e.g. fundraising, membership, communications, etc). Or just volunteer to help out with our activities. We’d love to have you!

More of our fundraising and membership-building plans and choir activities will follow in coming newsletters. If you have suggestions, please share.

Also, don’t forget to register at !!

See you all Saturday,

Denise Bedell

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