Concert Details

Hello everyone

Hanna and Piper are pleased that you’re all sounding great so you should not hesitate to invite your near and dear to see you sing with your new friends. They can buy advance tickets at eventbrite (link below) or at the door however please remind everyone that it’s CASH ONLY at the door and bake sale tables.

As the countdown to the end of our term nears, it seems appropriate to structure this update as a calendar of upcoming dates and associated events. As Oprah exhorts – Let’s Get Organized!

Saturday December 3rd at 10am – final rehearsal before the following Wednesday dress rehearsal. Not only will Bill Nesbitt be on site to deliver your Newfoundland cookies order but Faith United is hosting their own Bake and Preserves Sale in the room just across from ours. Please consider bringing a few extra bucks on Saturday to support the institution kind enough to host our musical assembly. Faith United has decided we’re eminently trustworthy and will continue to be our venue for the coming winter term. They’re extending a significant room rental discount as they are willing to train some of us to open and close the building, thus saving on church worker wages.

Wednesday December 7th, 7pm to 9pm, dress rehearsal at Laidlaw Memorial United Church (at Cannon) 155 Ottawa Street North (Hanna, door and parking?????)– not only will you get a feeling for singing together in this venue, volunteers directly involved in the mechanics of actually making the concert happen will have a chance to “case the joint”. Logistical challenges can be solved such as; where are the washrooms and where will we set up the bake sale? How best to efficiently usher people in to show/purchase their entrance tickets, have them linger over the bake sale to part with more of their money, and get them in their seats in a mere half hour? Whew!

Saturday December 10th, 7pm, final concert at Laidlaw Memorial Church – doors open at 6:30 however you MUST arrive no later than 6pm in order to warm up. Singing without an initial warm up is like jogging immediately after stumbling out of bed – a crampy, creaky performance will occur. We’ll only have a half hour to set up before the public arrives so latecomers will be an additional disruption. So, do us all a favour and be on time 🙂

Bake sale details. Thanks in advance to those of you who intend to slave away in their kitchens. Please bring your tasty treats portioned the way you see fit but they must be sealed up and ready for sale. Paper plates and Saran Wrap works well. We’ll quickly price your contribution upon arrival and it would be nice if you considered decorating them somehow. You eat with your eyes after all.

HS!CC Winter Term start date is Saturday January 15th at 10am – we’ll return to Faith United and the term will continue with our last regular rehearsal April 29th. The dress rehearsal and final concert dates are tentatively scheduled on Saturday May 6th and Sunday May 7th respectively. You will have to make a point of registering for the upcoming term in order to be included in these updates commencing February 2023. We’ll be sending out reminders about this process early in the new year.

Please find attached this translation of Dans Les Chantiers from the French just in case you would like to read it. Susan Joanis (chorister) her husband Pierre and their friend Bob helped to translate it and the translation will be in the concert program. 🙂

See you tomorrow.


Brenda Atkinson


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