Concert Listing V.1.0

Good evening estimable singers all:

Sorry about the late-breaking update but I seem to have come down with a serious case of writer’s block that has now finally abated. I come now to you with my usual verbose attitude, so pay attention – we got some detail to go over . . . .

Our fearless concert general manager Jenny sent us all an email earlier this week detailing needs for the upcoming December 1st concert at 7pm. . . . So I’ll repeat those needs now, as we all know repetition leads to learning:

BAKED GOODS. Make them, Label and wrap. Ingredients list please. Allergy alert if nuts included.

CONCERT VOLUNTEERS. We need ‘em. Ticket-sellers, baked-goods sellers, ushers. Conscript your spouse, neighbour, adolescent in need of volunteer hours. . . . all welcome.

Feel free to contact Jenny directly if you have any questions

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 10th, after practice, please lend a hand if you can in the admirable pursuit of order. Our sheet music archives are in disarray and there may be a cookie in it for you. Anyone wishing to preview their baked goods to a discerning group of paper arrangers . . . . ? See ya there.

MONEY. Make the temperature rise as depicted on the Active Member’s page at Cash, cheque, pay pal – they all work to making your choir financially healthy. You can sing along with the voice files while you’re there too.

The following is our probable concert list (not yet in concert order) with details courtesy of Sue:

  • Nana – Megrelian lullaby – Nana is an ancient term which is also used to denote “mother”. Lullabies are used not only for helping babies to sleep, but to keeping away evil spirits.
    Additionally, Hanna has something to say about this song “The bake sale will take part of most of the delicious parts, but the chords in Nana are really something scrumptious to sink your teeth into. 🙂 “
  • Solstice Carol – The Wyrd Sisters, arr. B. Whitla
  • Brilliant Stars – Bob Edmonds
  • Ar hyd y nos – Welsh Traditional – we’re singing the lullaby version

(Sue is into the cozy part of hyggelit, with at least two lullabies!)

Continuing concert list with added detail courtesy of Hanna:

  • Kwaheri A traditional Kenyan and Tanzanian farewell song.
  • Solen er så rød, mor A Danish lullaby where a girl or boy talks with their mother and asks a lot of questions as children usually do. The idea is that when evening falls, it is associated with things that a child (or an adult) can be afraid of: darkness, death, evening sounds. In contrast to the “scary things” we have the mother singing to the child and the bright stars, where – in the boy’s imagination – other boys like him are living. (That is: the light and the life in the sky in contrast to the darkness and death in the night.) This is considered a classic among Danish lullabies, written in 1920 by the Danish novelist, playwright and poet, Harald Bergstedt (1877-1965), with music composed by the world-renowned classical composer, Carl Nielsen (1865-1931). We are singing a combined version of Carl Nielsen and Phillip Faber
  • Watching the Apples Grow written by Stan Rogers
  • Me Too by Carol Greene, about the #metoo movement
  • Si mon Moine (maybe, maybe not) Quebequois song

As always, may your feet be dry, your virus at home with you, your perfume still in its bottle, and your chords ready to emit those subtle vibrations.


Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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