Some Dates to Remember

Hey kids

It’s Friday already??!!?? It’s a Covid time warp, I’m tellin’ ya. Between struggling to keep a business afloat in these challenging times and indulging my instinct to sleep/hibernate for 10 hours a night, there’s barely any time left. But there’s always time for you, dearest fellow choristers.

Last Saturday’s Choral Connection session got off to an athletic start with the continuance of Sue’s “What makes your voice tick?” warm ups. However, unlike the advice given by your football coach, as far as your voice muscle is concerned one must never feel the burn. Not forced, always playful – but you can shake it baby. Ahem.

We went on to Hallelujah, North of Superior, and others, capped our session with Hanna’s lovely piece Butterfly, and then contentedly floated off to the rest of our day.

Some dates to remember:

To participants of Sight Reading workshop Part 2, hosted by local musician Geoff Ball, takes place this Tuesday evening of March 9th, 7pm to 9pm, via Zoom.

A March break of sorts. We’ll meet again tomorrow, and March 13th, then take March 20th off and be back again for the second half of our winter term on March 27th

Many thanks for your cooperation in eliminating that annoying echo problem that plagued our earlier sessions. Your earbuds are your friends.

And here’s that handy Zoom link for tomorrow’s Choral Connection session at 10am . . . hope to see you all there.

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