Creepy Choristers

Creepy Choristers

In our ghostly past last Saturday, we ran through some warm ups, Rise up Old Flame, Tula, Lilly’s Fair, Fire in Your Heart, and Falling. Nice to see Hanna back in the saddle, err, I mean back at her piano again.

As you’re all cooped up at home, I thought I’d prompt you to leap to Terra Lightfoot’s live performance of Lilly’ Fair. Seems like forever since anyone’s been able to enjoy a crowded live music venue. . .

This coming Saturday is Halloween AND the Celtic holiday of Samhain. What’s the difference you ask? Here’s the answer, courtesy of

“One of the major differences between Halloween and Samhain is the way the date is chosen. Halloween is based on a fixed date on the calendar. … Samhain is halfway between the fall equinox and the winter solstices, making it a seasonal celebration, one of the four based on the old Gaelic calendar.”

A celebrant of Samhain would have probably been gratefully enjoying the bounty of a fall harvest, while preparing themselves for the scarcity and shortening days of winter that lie ahead. So, while you feast on the latest crop of blueberries, remember to feed your heart and soul by participating in our Choral Connection this Saturday. Here’s the current plan, subject to change of course…

Warm ups

  • A medley of Halloween tunes. Ghost of Oak Island is a possibility.
  • A Celtic tune or two, in recognition of Samhain. Bonny Portmore perhaps?
  • Call My Name

Here’s a snippet with admirable choral harmonies guaranteed to get you into the Halloween mood.

Scary, very scary.

Brenda Atkinson


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