Cut to the Chase

Fellow Singers,

Rather than distract with my puny metaphors and ceaseless prattle, I’ve decided to cut to the chase with a calendar summary of what the next few weeks have in store for us:

This Saturday November 9th – rehearsal as usual at 9:45. We’re hoping to have a number of you linger afterwards for about an hour to help our librarian Susan Noakes in her ambition to banish chaos from our music archives. We’re talking about simple sorting, filing, and labelling of stacks, and stacks, of music paper files. OCD types most welcome.

Saturdays November 16th, 23rd, and 30th – the last three rehearsals before our term end concert on December 7th. You’ve got music files to listen to, a music folder to organize, and musical direction to watch. You’ve got to snag a few relatives, friends, and other lucky sorts to not only attend the final concert, but be the jolly good fellows to volunteer at our bake sale tables and front desk. Jennifer McConnell, melodious alto and generous human being, has once again volunteered to be our concert coordinator. Please talk to her or the front desk about ways you can make our concert be the best ever.

Saturday December 7th – rehearsal as usual from 9:45 to 12:15. Then we festoon the place with interesting visual enhancements as determined by Jennifer. We return at 6pm to warm up, set up the bake sale, open the doors to the public at 6:30, and we’re ready to sing the house down at 7pm.

Tuesday December 10th, evening, around 6pm? Short performance and group Christmas singalong for the residents of St. Elizabeth Retirement home, located on Rymal at Garth.

Thanks again to all of you who opened up your wallets and freezer compartments for our Wild Blueberries for Wild Choristers fundraiser. A round of applause please for Haley Reap’s administrative labour and the strong backs that hupped those heavy cases down the ramp in the drizzle. A drum roll please for the exciting mathematics:

27 cases purchased. 27 X 6 bags/case = 162 bags. Choir makes $9 per bag. 162 X $9 = $1,458. Not too shabby.

Ciao for now,

Brenda Atkinson


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