Dear Choristers

Dear Choristers:

Our end of season concert is just about upon us – good golly, time flies! And you guys are about to fly to lofty new heights, powered by the music, your months of preparation, and the lift of our community spirit. In order to assist our mutually assured success, the following are some important details to consider:

Saturday April 27th – we meet at our usual time of 10:00am, at our ancestral HARRRP home for our dress rehearsal. Those interested in assisting the sing-along tunes should arrive by 9:30 am. Not only will we put in time polishing up our performance pieces, we will construct our raffle baskets – so please remember to bring in your basket contribution(s). Also, perhaps it’s a good idea to consider planning your next day’s food donation to our concert hospitality table. Simple, non-messy, hand-held items work best.

Our concert set list has been finalized. Please arrange your sheet music in the following order to help minimize paper shuffling noise:

  1. The Earth, Air, Fire, Water
  2. Hear the Raindrops Fall
  3. The Water is Wide
  4. Merge with the River
  5. The Ghost of Oak Island
  6. Homeward Now
  7. She the Sea
  8. A la Claire Fontaine
  9. In Een Blauwgeruite Kiel
  10. Stone and Sand

Sunday April 28th – our big day! The concert venue is Christ’s Church Cathedral, 252 James Street North. Concert commences at 3pm, doors open at 2pm. But you guys must be there, in comfortable shoes and preferred garb, for a warm up/sound check at 1:15. Remind your hordes of invited guests that cash is the sole method of payment for our event – have everyone schedule an ATM stop. As well, let them know that there is plenty of parking available on the east side of the cathedral – street parking on James North can be a little elusive (annoying). The road map for the concert is basically: performance starts at 3pm, intermission at 3:40pm ish to allow for hospitality table grazing and raffle ticket purchases, with raffle winner announcements at 4:10pm ish and a sing-a-long, which should take us to around 4:45pm ish? The time lines are a little soft however an end time of no later than 5pm is likely.

As Hanna and Sue reminded us this past Tuesday evening – do remember to have some fun. We know the songs, we know each other, we know to keep our eyes trained on musical direction – we’ve got this!


Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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