Pliant Deliciousness

Dear Fellow Troupers

Just a handful of weeks until our end of term concert. Are you pumped yet? Music direction seems to think we’re sounding pretty good . . . . . But I wonder how many of us can actually pronounce “Hyggeligt”? I admit to being impressively dense when it comes to challenges of this nature. Maybe we can say it together a few times this Saturday, just so we don’t sound like slack-jawed yokels when promoting the concert to our hordes of friends that are going to pack the place on December 1st. You’re working with me on this – right?

Your friendly hordes can buy a concert ticket online at  or at the HARPPP door that evening. We will meet for a final run-through of our concert program at our routine rehearsal time of 10 am, with time to spare for decorating the venue before our normal dispersal time of noon. Then we return at 6pm for a pre-concert warm up. Doors open to the public at 6:30 pm, with music underway at 7:00 pm

Jenny, our indomitable concert General Manager, is smoothing the way towards our collective success. Check out her baked goods sign up sheet this Saturday, that’s designed to avert goodies duplication. I mean, chocolate chip cookies are darn fine – but you gotta round out the cookie crunch with, say, the pliant deliciousness of a buttercream cupcake, or the fruity opulence of a deep-dish berry pie, or the affluent icings in an Italian-style torte, or the rum-soaked bliss of a Christmas cake . . . . And then there are the gluten-free bakers – Can they rise to the challenge of satisfying the tactile joy required by milles feuille pastry eaters? Sure hope so. Oh, I could go on and on about this all day. And I’m starting to feel I need a snack.

I exhort you all to “bake it like you sing it”.

Contact Jenny directly at if you (or the volunteers you’ve sourced) have any questions regarding our collective concert needs. Additionally, if you have any decorating ideas – please share them.

We need volunteers to go on and on about organizing sheaves of sheet music this Saturday November 10th after rehearsal. No prior experience required – but a love of order eases the pain of an occasional paper cut. Somebody is threatening to bring some cookies to share. Pretty sure that was me. Righto

Until the morrow then.

Brenda Atkinson
Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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