A Few Essential Details

Sorry I’m a little late with the update this week. I’ve been binge-watching CNN’s impeachment hearings coverage and I’m struck by how easy it can be to make plain truth elusive. As Churchill once famously quoted, “A lie gets halfway around the world before truth gets its pants on.” Thank heavens you guys are the real thing.

Only a few more weeks to go before our big concert day and we’ve got things to do. Specifically:

Let everyone you know that they’re more than welcome to join us on Saturday December 7th at 7pm – Light in the Night concert and Bake Sale. $10 suggested at the door, $30 for a family of 4+, children under 10 free. We’ll meet for a warm up at 6pm and doors open to the public at 6:30pm.

Over the course of the next few rehearsals, try to concentrate on a few essential details:

  • Keep your eyes glued on Hanna/Sue so we’re all on time.
  • Hold your music folder up and away to one side so you can eyeball the lyrics as necessary while remaining focused on Hanna/Sue.
  • Spend some time during the week listening to the voice files.
  • Cuddle up closer so you can hear each other. If all you can hear is yourself, then you’re missing a special opportunity to meld with a bigger universe – your choir.
  • You must attend the Nov 30th and Dec 7th rehearsals to perform in the concert.

Please approach Tara for advertising opportunities in our concert program. Ad publication deadline is November 30th.

Jennifer McConnell, concert coordinator, has a baked goods list underway at the front desk. She’s also looking for volunteers to help run the event while we’re performing. You can enlist bored spouses, truant children in need of volunteer hours, helpful neighbours – they’ll be pleasantly entertained while adding to our endeavour.

Would we have a pianist (or two) in our midst that could accompany our Dec 7th concert and singalong at St. Elizabeth’s Villa on Dec 10th?  Singers and pianists can sign up at the front desk this Saturday.

I’ll close with a charming visual. Check out our Light In The Night concert poster in the attachment below.

Cheers all

Brenda Atkinson


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