DOs and DON’Ts

Welcome Fellow Choristers

Saturday January 20th will be our second rehearsal of the winter term and yet another beginning of our musical adventure together. Choir leaders Sue and Hanna, the Hamilton Sings board, as well as alumni, would like to extend an especially warm welcome to those new to this endeavour. Fresh faces cannot help but add new energy and ideas to our musical community called Hamilton Sings. Feel free to reach out to any one of your fellow singers for assistance – that’s what a community does. ‘Nuff said.

Hamilton Sings keeps afloat due to member generosity by way of donations and/or fundraising. I’ll be more than happy to introduce you and your checkbook to our hard-working Treasurer Tom. Additionally, if you’re wondering what to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts – save them for our final concert gift basket fundraiser. Re-gifting never felt so good.

Please take note of the following list of dos and don’ts . . . . .

  • DO arrive by 9:45 to allow time for check in and a chin wag before 10 a.m, rehearsal start.
  • DON’T bring wet boots past the entry mats but DO bring along some spare dry foot ware.
  • DON’T come bearing a flu virus – if you’re sick, stay away! We love you but . . .
  • DO bring a non-spill refillable container of your morning coffee and/or water.
  • DO make use of the private members page vocal files at for home practice, password is private, but DON’T share this information with anyone.
  • DON’T make your fellow singers’ eyes water with scented personal care products – you’re as fresh as a rose without that stuff.

And lastly, you MUST remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. Is the sky going to fall if you’re off-key? Will a hydro-electric dam fail if you’re a rhythm laggard? Surely not.

But a butterfly’s wings will gain just a little more lift due to your music making Saturday mornings – I’m certain of it.

Best to all.

Brenda Atkinson
Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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