Double Drat!

Hi Folks

Double drat and all that. Guess you know already that tomorrow’s rehearsal is cancelled. In fact, the Sherman Boys and Girls Club is shut down until at least April 6th. That means we cannot rehearse again until April 11th at the earliest – and even that is looking doubtful. So, the board of directors had to make a few decisions:

The spring concert is still on, but it’s being moved to mid-June, with a change in content based on what we’ll be able to rehearse.

The Annual General Meeting has been deferred. A new date will be set when one can be confidently selected.

Our financial situation is somewhat unhealthy. We are at half the cash-on-hand that we usually enjoy and with this closure, it’s going to be a fight to make ends meet. If you’ve been putting off paying your membership dues, please consider getting that done while you have time on your hands. You can also prod your patron friends that this might be the time to put their money where their heart is. An e-transfer via incurs the least fees however contributors can also use the Canada Helps link on our web site and enjoy an almost instantaneous tax receipt.

The board is also reviewing ways to alternatively deliver content to you all. We may not be able to get together in the flesh, but maybe we can sing snuggly together virtually? Or keep a safe distance from each other in a public park? If anyone has any scathingly brilliant ideas on that score – send them to us! Don’t forget to sit down with the membership page voice files so you don’t get too rusty.

Check out this link for your self-isolation smile:

Another link to something real cute:

The most painful part of this crisis is that it forces social beings like us apart from each other. Heck, even at the height of the London blitz, people got together to whoop it up at the local dance hall. And whoop it up they did, with a ferocity born of not knowing what the next day would bring.

But things are looking up – better a virus than bombs! Thus, I can’t help but close with a twist on a short, pithy expression that was born in the blitz era – Keep calm and sing along.

Sending elbow bumps your way

Brenda Atkinson


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