Eight More Rehearsals

Dearest Choristers

Been dilly-dallying with the voice files on the hamiltonsings.ca Active Members Page yet? We have a total of 8 more rehearsals until our April 29th end of term concert. A mere 8. Gulp.

Learning new languages can be a big challenge for most of us. However, it’s amazing what happens when you put in a mere 5 minutes a day into your practice rather than waiting for that one free hour on one particular day. As a budding ukelele player, I find myself continually amazed at how I can seem hopelessly incompetent at some particular maneuver over a series of weeks only to wake up one morning and find myself successfully doing it. Synapse formed at last. It’s a very gratifying feeling.

Once you find yourself trilling like an Irish maiden, toasting each other in French, and welcoming summer like a Middle English peasant, you’ll notice how comfortable you’ve become with these formerly strange syllables and marvel at how far you’ve travelled. As reading a good story can open a door into an otherwise unreachable world, singing songs of other times and cultures serves to enrich our contemporary selves and add contour to our daily lives. So, don’t despair if you’re still chewing on your own tongue – you’ll get there!

Calendar Considerations:

Monday February 26th, FUNDRAISERS MEETING, 7pm at HARRRP or nearby, all welcome

Tuesday February 27th – EMBODY MUSIC – music and movement, 3rd of 3 sessions, 7pm at Delta United Church, $20 or sliding scale

Tuesday March 6th – VOICE 101 – what’s that instrument called you all about anyway?, 1 session only, 7pm at Delta United Church, $20 or sliding scale

Saturday March 10th – we have rehearsal at Delta United Church NOT HARRRP

Saturday March 31st – no rehearsal, Easter bunny hops . . . . . .

Sunday April 29th – final afternoon concert at Christ’s Church Cathedral

Did you know volunteering cures acne, incontinence, broken bones, and stuttering? Well, it doesn’t, but I know I have your attention now. We will need someone to lead the charge for our final concert organization and marshall the troops (your fellow volunteers). Keep in mind as well that indolent children (with or without acne) in need of volunteer hours can do their duty for us as well. Stand up, stand up today!

Exhortingly yours.

Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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