Old Favourites

Fellow Choristers

Due to our merry group’s delight at the return of Tourdion to our current repertoire, it’s become clearer that many of you would enjoy adding additional old favourites to our Zoom sessions this winter. The following is a list of delicious possibilities. . . 

  • Mo Li Hua
  • J’ai un mechante mere
  • J’entends le moulin 
  • Stan Rogers – the Mary Ellen Carter
  • Stan Rogers – Watching the Apples Grow 
  • Tsmindao
  • Minun Kultani
  • Vine and Fig Tree
  • The River is flowing 
  • Merge with the River

Help determine the lineup in the coming weeks by casting your vote, and tell us anything else you’ve got on your mind, by sending an email to hamiltonsings@gmail.com

For our virtual rehearsals, please ensure that you install the latest update of Zoom software for your device. The difference in sound quality is quite notable, with less wobbling, echo, and unwanted crunchy effects. As well, if you could check your Zoom settings to ensure that you can be identified by name so that we don’t inadvertently admit a malevolent digital troll to our meeting and get “Zoombombed”. Eww.

In closing, check out the link below for an impressive listening list compiled by our Hanna. In these times of severe live choir deficits, it’s sure nice to hear what’s possible out there. . . .


See you all Saturday

Brenda Atkinson

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