Message from Hanna

Hello everyone,

I thought I had better send materials out early. I teach Thursday and Fridays online now but often by Friday afternoon my head is swirling and I can’t focus. Maybe you can relate? I find I can do about half of what I used to.

I thought we could revisit a classic… Dave Gould’s Starlight Tours. I have also included lyrics to some of my more recent lyrics/songs that I am finding comforting. I have asked Bob to get the parts for Starlight Tours back up on the website for you to peruse so to speak.

I have made an attempt at a sing-along video using the technology at my disposal. It is potentially very cheesy.. what do you think? If anyone has the skills to do a better job by all means volunteer. My intention is to try and give you the “Choir experience” from home.

Dave Gould, Starlight Tours:
This video IS NOT publicly listed. If we do a better job with something like this, maybe we could make it public but for now let’s just try it out.

See attached file for score and lyrics sheets. Please do not redistribute these. They’re just for you.

Hope you’re taking care, and see you Saturday!

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