Here Comes the Big Day

Hi Gang

Just a quick few reminders regarding tomorrow, the big day. . .

Concert Playlist Order. Please have your music in concert order and encased in a noise reducing folder, preferably black. Remember to keep your eyes glued on Hanna/Sue. And the song order is:

  1. Nana
  2. Solen er sa rod, mor.
  3. Me Too
  4. Solstice Carol
  5. Hymn 23 – Ar Hyd Y Nos
  6. Brilliant Stars
  7. Watching The Apples Grow
  8. Kwaheri

Time Lines
We meet for rehearsal as usual tomorrow at 10:00 am. After rehearsal we’ll get the joint decorated with all the lovely stuff you’ve brought. For those last minutes types ( I count myself among you), we’re looking for white light strings and preferably red/white cozy throws for chair festooning. If at all possible, bring your baked goods with you to allow for pricing and placement ahead of time. We return at 6pm sharp for a pre-concert warm up. Doors open at 6:30 pm and concert commences at 7pm.

Concert volunteers would be wise to gather at 5:30 to allow time for any last minute issues like late incoming baked goods (you can count me in on that too, I’ll be chained to my stove in the afternoon) and decor tweaks. Additionally, we need about 6 containers that can serve as cash boxes.

I’m fully expecting you’ll put as much heart and soul into your baking as you do your singing. Whenever I bake, I recall the warm of my grandmother’s kitchen. She was a WW1 nursing sister and a perfect stand in for a classic grandmother – hugging her was like getting wrapped up in an eiderdown comforter. She also baked relentlessly and shared her goodies with all who were lucky enough to be invited into her house. And she managed this with a wood-burning stove.

So tomorrow kids, we’re gonna go grandmother, we’re gonna go cozy, we’re gonna go Hyggeligt!


Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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