How We Learn the Songs

Music is supplied, but you don’t have to read music

That right—you don’t have to read standard music notation. It helps at first, when you’re trying to get a feel for the song, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Your fellow singers will help, and surprisingly, you gradually learn what some of those dots and lines actually mean.

We may learn by repetition

The supplied music may be full musical notation, or it may be just a sheet of lyrics. In that case, we’ll learn the tune by repetition.

There’s a mini-lesson for every song on the website

In addition, sound files for all the songs we learn will be on the website in the “Choir Members” section. That’s a picture of a typical section on the right. There are over 350 sound files for listening and learning in this archive. You’ll need the choir password to access this material.

You can practice at home with these mini-lessons that Piper or Hanna record for us. Very useful!