The Link Remains the Same

Greetings Fellow Choristers

Take note that the zoom link to our Saturday Choral Connection now remains the same for every meeting. If you cannot find the link that morning, you can reach out for some help at no later than 9:30 am on Saturday mornings as we’ll be busy in the “zoom room” preparing for the 10 am meeting. Here’s the needed link – try copying and pasting to some easily remembered folder to avoid last minute panic and associated irritation 🙁

At least you don’t have to memorize yet another password 🙂

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Check out the fun lineup of tunes we’ll be exploring tomorrow:

Saturday, November 7, 2020

1. Fire in My Heart Emily Roblyn

2. Tula – Traditional South African lullaby

3. My spirit needs to laugh Crowoman North

4. All purpose break

5. Lilly’s Fair – Terra Lightfoot

6. Let Me Go – Shanika Maria

7. Fire in Your Heart – Hanna Bech

You can find the associated scores, lyrics, and recordings on the members’ page of our website. If you choose to print off any of this material please, oh please, remember that it is for your use only due to copyright restrictions.

Reminder to those who’ve signed up for the upcoming Rhythm Workshop – we’ll be getting together on November 9th and 16th, 7pm to 8:30pm. Additionally, get your workshop fees to as soon as possible.

Looking forward as always to seeing your shining faces tomorrow.

Brenda Atkinson


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