Little Bunnies

Hello Everyone

Thank heavens we get to see each other at tomorrow’s Choral Connection, cause you ain’t gonna meet your buddies on a restaurant patio are ya? Will this lockdown ever end? I can barely remember what a dinner party is like, or a coffee date with good friends at close proximity. Oh well, stay calm and sing along I say.

In years past, we’ve nearly always chosen to take a break on Easter weekend in recognition of many members’ travel and festive meal plans. But this year, my fellow intrepid choristers, as we already took a March break and you definitely need to get out of the house, if only virtually, to sing a few songs. Sue is going to introduce an Irish song, apparently a brain teaser of sorts, and carry on with Everything Possible, and C is for Camel. Hanna has not let me know her plans, but she’s a wily thing, and most certainly has something interesting in store for you.

For your convenience, find the Zoom link for tomorrow’s session below.

See you little bunnies at 10 am.


Brenda Atkinson


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