The ‘Long’ Weekend

Howdy all

Saturday mornings used to be set aside for watching cartoons but luckily you’ve all got something else to do . . .

Step right up to your computer screens tomorrow at 10am to enjoy our second last Choral Connection (formerly known as the Social Isolation Sessions). We’ll be concluding these Zoom rehearsals next Saturday May 23rd, followed by our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 30th at 10am as well.

Participation in the AGM has probably never been more important. Our estimable institution, like many others, faces fresh challenges in this age of COVID-19. Hamilton Sings (HS) needs the benefit of your interest, energy, expertise, and creative thinking in order to Carry On in this new age of social distancing. Choristers have not traditionally stood 16 to 20 feet apart. And a face mask can really compromise one’s sound 🙁

However, these are very new times. Who says we can’t get together and sing some tunes? We’re currently are doing exactly that in a ‘virtual’ way, so who knows the places we can take ourselves if we put our minds to it? Collective intelligence is a valuable thing – please participate as much as you can and keep your ideas coming 🙂

Rumour has it that this weekend is a “long” one. Seems like a cute concept after nearly two months of staying at home. Traditionally, on the Friday of this spring weekend, the highways to cottage country clog up like cholesterol-choked arteries starting at around noon until about 10pm. Not this year. Whoo-hoo! So there is a bright side to all this.

Hope you and yours are well.


Brenda Atkinson

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