Lubricating Our Voice Boxes

Hi Choristers

Just a couple of reminders regarding our now underway winter 2021 season:

If you’ve got some buddies who are still considering joining us this winter, please invite them anytime. As we’re unable to work towards a public concert this term, our usual concerns about late-joining members do not apply. New friends are good.

If you have not yet made your financial contribution this season, please do so ASAP. Unfortunately, even in the sea of Covid subsidies offered to businesses and individuals, our choir is on its own. Your contribution, no matter how small or great, will help ensure our long-term survival. Send an e-transfer to treasurer.hamiltonsings@gmail today!

We’ll be lubricating our voice boxes again tomorrow starting at 10 am with the likes of Tourdion, Everything Possible by Fred Small, and a few Nonsense Alphabet letters – T was a thimble and E was an eagle, plus much more.

Hope to see all of you then.

Brenda Atkinson

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