Major Dates

As we stride towards the finish line, confirmation of our upcoming schedule is at hand:

Saturday April 13th. Rehearsal as usual

Saturday April 20th. Rehearsal CANCELLED. Go chase some bunny rabbits.

Tuesday April 23rd. Evening rehearsal 6:45 pm till 8:45 pm, Delta United Church, 47 Ottawa Street South, upstairs in the Sanctuary room. You must attend if you can, we’ll need the extra time to prepare.

Saturday April 27th. Rehearsal as usual. Perhaps this is also the date for finalization of section gifts baskets? I’ve been collecting flea market wicker baskets all year, so I’ll bring them all in this Saturday. Do not buy any horrific dollar store plastic baskets! No! They’ll just end up swirling around for centuries in the Pacific gyre. . . . . .

Sunday April 28th. Final concert at Christ’s Church Cathedral, 252 James Street North. Concert starts at 3pm, I imagine the doors will open to the public by 2:00 at the latest, and we’ll need to gather for a pre-show warm up, so get your butts, the butts of the volunteers you’ve sourced, and your goodies for the hospitality table, in the building no later than 1:15

Practice makes perfect, so perfect your practice by signing on to the Active Members page and groovin’ to the ever increasing number of voice files available there. Repeat after me, “repetition leads to learning”. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. You get my drift.

You already know Hanna as co-director of Hamilton Sings; however did you know that Hanna is an accomplished performer as well? Hanna will be on stage with Lynne Atkinson and Jamie Sae at Laidlaw United Church (corner of Ottawa and Cannon) this Saturday April 13th at 3:30 pm. Pay what you can.

The Sunshine Singers (non-affiliated with Hamilton Sings) is a group of folks who just can’t get enough singing done. We lead a sing-along of popular tunes at BayWoods Extended Care at 6pm on the last Wednesday of the month. We don’t perform as much as we encourage the residents to participate. It’s totally gratifying to see the joy we cause and we’re always open to more members. We meet this Saturday after rehearsal at HARRRP – come join us!

In closing, just a reminder to invite everyone you know, even those you don’t know yet, to our concert on April 28th. Accost strangers on the street, drag your mad aunt out of the attic, heck, even your parole officer is welcome. We must insist on a standing room only situation. What fun!


Brenda Atkinson

Hamilton Sings Volunteer

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