What a Calming Mantra

Fellow Earthlings,

The earth the air the fire the water return return return return.
The earth the air the fire the water return return return return.

Ah, what a calming mantra. We started with the above last week after warmups and everyone seemed to drop their shoulders, breathe a little deeper, and recall with a smile why we get together every week: community singing makes everyone more sane. It’s the darn truth, especially in these trying times.

We went on with the Skye Boat Song, Jasmine, The Winds of Time, and revisited an old favourite, Shosholoza. Guest instructor Piper Hayes not only warmed us up further, she introduced us to her delightful song, Four Leaf Clover. A grand time was had by all.

This Saturday May 1st, we’re pleased to introduce Emma Colette Moss for a drop-in teaching session at 11;10 am, just after our routine rehearsal break. Emma comes to us with extensive choral and performance experience, and an ambitious desire to develop her conducting skills. We know you’ll make her welcome. Her session may last 15 minutes to 50 – whatever happens is good.

Reminder that our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up, on Saturday June 5th, 10 am.. Hamilton Sings is most definitely in need of further member participation. We need fundraisers and board members – none of these roles are daunting and the work is made light by spreading the load. If membership wants this community to prevail – membership has to contribute!

So, what can one do? You can put your name forward as a board member, we’ve got 4 positions vacating shortly. Or you can put the name forward of someone else you believe can make an exciting contribution to our community. We’ll be holding elections at the AGM and all current members are urged to attend. Send an email to hamiltonsings@gmail.com

As well, we’re encouraging anyone with a fundraising idea and the energy to make it happen to come forward. Like many associations, our diminished membership has manifested a diminished financial position. But, as the aphorism goes – when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Show your mettle folks and ensure our continuance.


Brenda Atkinson


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