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If you have cause to regret that you didn’t get your hands on some of those delicious Nova Scotia wild blueberries. . . Rejoice! Turns out we have a 4 bag surplus available for sale. . . . Terms are the same: a $22/2K bag, payable to after you let us know who you are by making a request to First come, first served. . . . . And we’ll figure out delivery too. Does Pizza Nova do that? Noooooo way.

COMPLETED: Somatic Voice Workshop: Powerful Voice Techniques for Mind Body Connection
Sunday November 7th, 1pm to 3pm, Hosted by Piper Hayes

We’re pleased to report a resounding success. Though tempted to characterize this workshop as a real eye-opener, a rethink might describe it as a real voice box-opener. However, the truth is Piper successfully taught a fact of a chorister’s life – the voice is comprised of your entire body and mind. Participants were mightily pleased and Piper intends to offer this opportunity up again sometime. Yes!

Emma’s workshop will be going forward and there is still some room for additional registrants:

Music Theory Workshop
Sunday November 21st, 1pm to 3pm. Hosted by Emma Moss

Emma has kindly provided the details below:

“If you are looking to enhance your reading abilities, or to begin on your path in learning how to read music, this two-hour session will be of great benefit to you! This Theory Workshop, run by yours truly, is being offered on November 21st from 1-3pm via Zoom. Having studied theory from a very young age at university and RCM ARCT Honours level, and alongside teaching music theory, harmony, analysis, and history for years, as well as being a live and working notating composer and conductor, I will be happy to fill in any gaps you may have in the realm of music theory.. In this course, you will have the opportunity to engage in reading music in various clefs, learn about the anatomy of sheet music, rhythms + rest and note values, scales, time signatures, accidentals, intervals, chords, and will be engaging in ear training practice. If you have always wanted to enhance your ability to engage with sheet music, this is your chance to ask questions, seek explanations, and practice these concepts in a fun, engaging, and intensive manner. We hope that you will join us on November 21st for this deep dive into the World of Music Theory! (Cost per person is $40 or PWYC for one two-hour intensive session. To register, please send a notice of your interest to (Workshop will run with minimum of 4 participants) This workshop is open to the public as well as choir membership – so invite a friend!”

Newfoundland cookie fundraiser
We’ve been talking up this initiative up for the last month and rightfully so – where else can you have access to home baked goods, inspired by our eastern shore and delivered via recumbent bicycle by a fellow chorister with an enviable beard? Certainly no where else. We now have the details: A baker’s dozen costs $20 with delivery to occur December 16th and 17th. There will be a total of 30 boxes available, and they go fast, so confirm your order by contacting us sooner rather than later.

We need volunteers
to help guide the re-opening and growth of the choir. We are close to cementing a deal with a new venue, so a live, 4-part harmony experience is at hand for this coming January! So please drop us a line at if you can lend a hand at getting us up and running again.

Christmas is coming, the season for gift-giving. Rumour has it that the congestion in the global supply chain is going to cause some surprising goods shortages this year. So why stress about it when a perfectly good opportunity exists to give the gift of a vocal experience rather than more stuff? Consider buying the gift of a Hamilton Sings membership for your near and dear. Send an e-transfer with the details to today.


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