Updates for Oct 10 & Blueberries!

Hi folks,

Just to help you keep your toe tapping during this Thanksgiving weekend we’re going to have our Choral Connections tomorrow! Link is included below and doors will “open” at 9:50 to drop in and say hello before we start at 10:00.

Songs and lyrics will be up on the members’ page – however, we are going to try something a bit different too, and share the song we’re singing on the screen. This will be like when we put up Katy singing Fire in my Heart, or Bob and Michelle playing Carry On.

We’re learning as we go… especially about Zoom, how it works, and how we each find it as we use it more and more. Please remember, all of us experience things differently and we want to do our best to make this a good experience for everyone.

So here are a few things to keep in mind when working with Zoom as part of a group:

  • “Be kind, be fair, be safe”
  • Please put your device on a stand to keep your image steady.
  • You can put your Zoom screen on Speaker View – this way you’ll likely only see whomever is leading at the time.
  • Turn off your video and/or audio when you need to “leave” to take care of something personal such as feed the cat, answer the phone, and so on…

Blueberries! Tomorrow, Saturday, October 10th is the last day to order those wonderful little blue superstars! If you’re having any trouble getting your order through, just send and email with “Blueberry Order” in the subject line with name, address, postal code and phone number, # of bags. We’ll make sure your order gets in.

Hanna will be sending out a PDF for the workshop being offered by Olivia Brown soon, but the basics are it’s $25,for two sessions on Nov 2 & 9, from 7-8:30. We are focusing on learning/ reading popular rhythm patterns that come up a lot and it is suitable for all levels.

See you in the morning!

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