Order! Order!

Hi Gang
Here’s the music order we’re going to run this Saturday, so get your black music folder
in order pluezze! You must attend this Saturday and next Saturday’s dress
rehearsal in order to participate in the concert.

  1. God Bless the Grass
  2. May You See Diamonds
  3. Noël Roumain
  4. By the Glow of the Kerosene Light
  5. Brilliant Stars
  6. Nu us din la buine sere
  7. The River is Flowing
  8. Matlakala

Start sing along with Temagami Round, followed by other seasonal songs.

A few words from Sue: “You folks are sounding wonderful, so please feel good and
proud about inviting your family, friends, associates and others to our concert. We’ll
give them a good show and help them to sing along with us!

And we want the joint to look as good as we sound. Please bring blue lights and silver
stars for our decoration effort after our dress rehearsal. An ingredients list is a wise
addition to your baking contribution in this age of allergies, intolerances, avoidances,
and can’t abides.

More words from Sue: “We haven’t had any piano players come forward, so if you play
guitar or ukulele and want to play for sing along, either Dec 7 and/or Dec 10 at St.
Elizabeth’s Villa, please speak with me or Hanna.”

Deadline for program ads is this Saturday – get your details to Tara and refer to her
earlier email regarding the details.

We are now a registered charity. Donations (of which we get 100%) can also be sent
directly to the choir by e-transfer to treasurer.hamiltonsings@gmail.com
We’re also now listed on Canada Helps, a non-profit organization devoted to providing a
wider platform for estimable non-profits like us.

See ya
Brenda Atkinson

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