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Hamilton Sings! is a place to share the love of singing with new friends and give voice to your community spirit.

With 60+ diverse members, we offer adults and youth from across the city the opportunity to experience the enrichment and pure joy of singing together, joy that we spread to hundreds of Hamiltonians at two major concerts every year.

Because we do not hold auditions, our choristers range from beginners to those with extensive experience. We encourage members to help each other not only learn and grow in musical skill and confidence, but also to better appreciate the strengths of people from all walks of life in our community.

Led by two award-winning musicians, the choir’s focus is on traditional, secular music, augmented by original songs written by members or local musicians. We often feature music that honours the heritage of our choristers, sung in languages ranging from French to Swahili, from Dutch to Danish.

In this way, we learn and grow as individuals, build bridges in the community among people who otherwise would probably never have met, and add another layer to the arts mosaic in the city.

We support our activities through voluntary member fees, numerous fund-raising events, sponsorships and donations.