Reminders & Rewards

Hello all you wonderful singers!

The first two rehearsals have gone really well, and you sound amazing! But why should I be surprised, eh?! Thank you for your joyful participation.

Info – to get onto the Active Members’ Page of our website you need the password, which is XXX.
Hanna’s playlist is up and Carol Greene’s songs.
Please DO NOT listen to, nor practice Solstice Carol – it’s a slower version, and I don’t want you to get comfortable with that pace, as it often becomes a dirge.

Helpful reminders:

  • Please arrive by 9:45 to sign in on Saturdays; we begin promptly at 10:00.
  • Please don’t wear scented products – we don’t work that hard to churn up a sweat!
  • Say hello to someone who is new to you.
  • As said at rehearsal last week, please ONLY use pencil on the choir music and especially DO NOT mark it with highlighter. If this is your preferred way, you are able to make a copy for your own personal use and mark it to your heart’s content. (some music we have had to purchase printed scores from which we can make copies. If we have to replace them it’s more expense to the choir)

Walk-a-thon – Our “Walk in the Park” – Sunday, October 14th at 1:00 in Gage Park, with a pot luck social and singing! Sign up and get sponsors – even a few dollars helps. If you can’t come, speak with Andrea about getting pledges for another walker.
If you have raised $250 in pledges send us an email right away – first one we receive – you’ll have your membership free next term!

Take care out there, and see you Saturday.

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