Salut Fellow Songsters

Welcome welcome to all new and returning members of Hamilton Sings. We’re a mixed voice choir for adults and older youth, forged in a thriving community by people who rejoice in song and each other. Please arrive for rehearsals no later than 9:45 am with a can-do attitude and dry shoes. No scented personal hygiene products please as we need to gather together closely and some folks are highly sensitive – its hard to sing when your eyes are watering.

Due to last week’s inclement weather, this Saturday January 25th will be an additional, and final “Open Rehearsal” before registration closes for our winter term. So if you couldn’t manage to get those fence-sitters out into the snow last week – bring ‘em along this Saturday. You gotta share the fun after all. Note that you will receive this weekly update in order to keep you informed on the goings on.

As mentioned last week, we operate on a pay-what-you-can basis regarding chorister term fees with a recommended amount of $150 per chorister. Additional in-kind opportunities present themselves during the course of the term by way of various fundraising efforts. You can also volunteer your time by participating in one of our operational committees – feel free to ask questions of our board members at any time. Another fun way of supporting the choir is by playing our weekly game of chance – the 50/50 draw. Test your luck while supporting your musical community. It’s a beautiful thing. Oh, and please try to bring small bills, as making change can give 50/50 ticket sellers a migraine.

Over the course of the term, you will be exposed to healthy vocal coaching technique from our choir directors Hanna Bech Mathieson and Sue Crowe Connolly. As well, maintains a password protected members only page, containing recorded voices files of our tunes, allowing for home practice between rehearsals. You will be given the password once our open rehearsals have concluded and it is highly recommended that you make use of this resource – liberate yourselves from the prison of the music score so you are free to focus your attention on the conductor. Thus unified – we’re unbeatable!

As always, the Hamilton Sings board is open to hearing from you. Drop us a line at if you’ve got any bright ideas. Group intelligence is a beautiful thing too.


Brenda Atkinson


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