See you all Saturday!

Greetings All

We’re so pumped to get together for the first time in over two years! Our first live session is this coming Saturday September 17th, 10 am at the Bennetto Community Centre auditorium marks a very special day after such a long absence. Many thanks go out to those seasoned members who fought to keep the beacon that is Hamilton Sings! Community Choir (HS!CC) shining bright and guide us into this new era. Our music directors Piper Hayes and Hanna Bech (yes, she’s back!) are ready to engage you all in the fun musical experience that is HS!CC.

Registration for this term. If you haven’t done so yet, please do. Here’s the link to our registration page

Currently, you’re receiving this message if; you’ve already registered, were an active member for the last winter/spring session, or are on our alumni contact list. After today, only active members will receive a weekly update with all others only occasionally contacted in the event of special news or events such as a concert/fundraiser. If you intend to be inactive this term but want to continue receiving weekly updates, just drop us a line at

This Saturday September 17th at the Bennetto Community Centre, 450 Hughson Street North, our session starts at 10 am sharp – so please plan to arrive no later than 9:45 to allow time to sign in, find a seat, and have a pre-rehearsal chin wag with long missed and new friends. Currently, now familiar pandemic restrictions involving masking and vaccination status are not in place however membership is encouraged to take individual precautions they deem necessary. The auditorium space is large and allows us to spread out as needed. We also plan on stocking hand sanitizer and spare masks at the front desk.

Volunteers. We need you! The most current need is for a crew of seasoned veterans to operate the check-in desk this first Saturday. Nothing complicated, just some guiding hands to oversee sign-in, name tags, sheet music distribution, seating, a 50/50 draw, and answer questions as best they can. Plan on arriving at 9:30 am.

HS!CC relies almost entirely on the time and energy invested by active volunteers so we hope all new and returning members can spare some extra time. Traditionally, as members become more familiar with our operation they find their own particular volunteer niche.

We welcome all input from members. Got questions or concerns? Contact for answers. Got registration fees to give or a donation you’d like to make? Send it to

See you all Saturday!


Brenda Atkinson

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