Willingness to Share

Hello Fellow Choristers:

We meet again this Saturday at 9:45 a.m. at our ancestral home – the HARRRP (Sherman Boys & Girls Club) facility at 705 Main Street East. Sorry if we missed contacting anyone on our temporary change of venue to Delta United Church last week. Please let us know if our contact information is flawed. We want to let you know what’s up! No matter what.

As an old hand at this, it’s always a pleasure to meet new recruits to our estimable endeavour. You’ve been given a few handouts, listened to some tutelage from Hanna/Sue, stared at some music scores, and you may wonder if we can make music successfully. You bet we can – we do so every term.

The secret of our success is our willingness to share. As amateurs, we rely on the strength of our members to embrace this community action. Synergy my friends. Any additional ideas you have about bettering our community are gratefully received – it’s your choir after all. Dash off an email to hamiltonsings@gmail.com or talk to us at the front desk.

The member’s only page at hamiltonsings.ca is a powerful resource designed to assist in home practice. It is highly encouraged that you try to spend some time listening to the provided voice files during the week between our Saturday rehearsals. Log on and you’ll discover that several files have already been uploaded. Try to review and practice anything labelled “Week 1” by this coming Saturday. Check it out and don’t be shy about asking for the password if you’ve forgotten or mislaid it. I myself am a specialist at flubbing passwords, much to my tech savvy hubby’s irritation.

I’ve got dates for you to mark on your calendar – Saturday December 7th is our term end concert. When, what, and where needs to be determined but try to set aside that day for yourself and your choir. Between setting up, warming up, performing, and tear down, there’s plenty of things to do, and it’s a hoot! Saturday November 2nd is delivery day for Oxford Co’s famous Nova Scotian frozen wild blueberries. $20 for 2 kilo bag. Speaking as a culinary artist – this berries pack a flavor and anti-oxidant punch that can’t be found at Fortinos – holiday baking and your morning smoothies will rock. Ordering details to be confirmed next week.

Feel free to step up and offer your obvious talents to one of our many fundraising and organizational committees. Like action? Pulling off a concert is your game. Like fishing? Fundraising is a surprisingly similar activity. Quick at learning rules? Funny how grant seeking is akin to Dungeons and Dragons.

As always, our front desk hat is ready to receive your term contributions ($150 suggested) but whatever you can part with is awesome. An additional fun way of supporting the choir is participating in our weekly 50/50 draws – and we offer far more attractive odds than Wintario any day.

Looking forward to seeing you all this Saturday with dry shoes and music in hand.


Brenda Atkinson

Fellow Chorister

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