I’m a sick puppy

Hey you guys. . . .

Hope this missive finds you coping positively with these unprecedented times. Looks like we’re in this situation for some time yet, so let’s focus on what we CAN do rather than what we can’t. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. . . .So listen up!

We CAN get together tomorrow at 10 a,m. Yes, it’s true! Just install the free app called Zoom on your device today and you will receive an invitation to join our virtual rehearsal tomorrow. Sue will send out a “passworded” invitation to you all at 9:55 tomorrow morning. Despite some technical glitches we encountered last week, it was GREAT! to see and hear everyone. We ran a couple of simple tunes and truly had a good time. Just a word on the software . . . . . Zoom has indeed encountered some difficulties due to increased demand so please try to be patient if you find yourself waiting to be “admitted” to this virtual rehearsal . . . Chant a mantra while staring at the twirly ball – it can help reduce blood pressure I hear. Heh.

Tomorrow’s rehearsal will be led by Sue, and the following week will be led by Hanna. They’ve decided to alternate conducting in order to minimize the technical difficulties of shifting their hosting status during one session. Rest assured our music directors are working hard on delivering virtual content to you all.

Now that you’re eating three meals a day at home, you’re probably run out of those delicious Nova Scotia frozen blueberries you bought on behalf of your choir last fall. Fear not! Place your, and your friends, orders at hamiltonsings.ca by April 11th and enjoy direct, safe, delivery to your Hamilton address on the afternoon of Saturday April 18th. If you place an order for yourself and several friends – send us an email with “Blueberry order” in the subject line and a listing of the names and associated addresses – our fearless delivery people will make it happen.

So, I’m one of these twisted sorts that tries to find humour in even the grim times. This is not my joke, but a joke from a front line hospital worker I know:

Question: Why is there a shortage of toilet paper?

Answer: Because when one person catches the virus, another 500 people poop their pants.

I know, I’m a sick puppy. Forgive me.

Missing you all.

Brenda Atkinson


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