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Hi Folks,

Commitments tend to pile up in real life. So it follows that even in the wondrous land of Hamilton Sings, we’ve got an expanding calendar of events. Check it out:

As of this very moment – Bob Edmonds, HS web wonder, has posted audio files of our entire song list on the members page of Hanna has compiled an additional list of links to sound files/video of our tunes, please prioritize your listening time to the tunes with an asterisk*

Now and into the future – if you find yourself musing about one of our tunes, write those insightful thoughts into the body of an email and send it to Genius needs to be shared.

This Saturday February 22nd rehearsal – We’ll be working on Butterfly, Let Me Go (please review your parts on-line), Lilly’s Fair, Call My Name, and introduced to The Hamilton Song.

Saturday February 29th – Deadline for submissions to the term concert poster initiative. Our publicist with the most-ist, Tara Bolker, has a few words to add:

Take a picture–this week! We need lots of images of the name Hamilton–all kinds from all around town–to use for the concert poster and social media leading up to “Hamilton Sings! Hamilton Songs”.

Think of it a kind of scavenger hunt, see if you can get:

  • Hamilton, but with a letter missing
  • Hamilton, covered in snow
  • Hamilton, in a mural
  • Hamilton, in all caps
  • Hamilton, on a brick background
  • Hamilton, in an art deco typeface
  • Hamilton, from a business in your neighborhood
  • Hamilton, etc…

Send your Hamilton digital photos to, or post them to the HS! Facebook group. Thanks in advance for helping out with this group project!

Wednesday March 4th – Mohawk ESL program/Hamilton Sings collaborative workshop, noon hour, more details to follow

Saturday March 14th – our normal rehearsal will take place at The Music Hall in New Vision Church, corner of Main West & McNab. 10 am sharp.

Sunday May 24th, 2pm – Hamilton Sings Hamilton Songs spring concert

As always, may your shoes be dry, your beverage container non-spill, your voice box supple, and come prepared to enjoy the music and your fellows.


Brenda Atkinson


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