Social Isolation Sessions

Hey Kids!

Time to register for the Social Isolation Sessions continuing every Saturday morning at 10am until May 23rd, handily hosted via Zoom virtual meeting technology. Just drop by and sign up, so we know who’s interested in this virtual development and who’s not. Encourage your friends to give it a try too – now that they’ve got some time on their hands.

These virtual sessions are a nice consolation for missing the real thing even though real-time harmonies are not possible. Perhaps this is a great opportunity to imagine how those harmonies would work? As a soprano, I’ve listened to the other sections many times and marvelled at what a great job they do. Remember you’ve got the voice tracks available, in case you want to impersonate an alternate voice. I tried the bass tracks the other day and nearly strangled myself – but it was fun in a perverse kind of way. . . . .

A few edited words regarding tomorrow’s session from our conductor Hanna:

“If folks would like to sing along, we have links up on YouTube from past concerts where they can see Sue and I conducting:

I have attached the lyrics needed for tomorrow’s rehearsal in PDF and in word doc. Please do not reproduce my work without permission. Happy to give all access to it during this time, but no photocopies please.”

We will be hosting a virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 30th. . . . Exercise your democratic right to participate in this estimable process by putting forward a nomination for a board member today! The board requires a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 additional board members. The commitment is not onerous, it involves a monthly meeting (summer largely excepted) and is a great way to become familiar with what it takes to keep your choir going.

Many thanks to all those who made curbside delivery of blueberries possible and to everyone who found a few bucks to buy a bag(s). I had some on my oatmeal this morning and they are without a doubt the best quality blueberry I’ve tasted next to picking my own in the northern wilds of the Ontario shield. Nice to know we’re enjoying a happy thing from poor Nova Scotia – lets all send a consoling vibration their way.

See ya virtually tomorrow.

Brenda Atkinson


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