Solstice Carol Project & a Treat

Hi Everyone,

Our long anticipated choir video project of Solstice Carol is at hand. Marija has kindly sent you all the details and here’s a reminder of our current time lines:

  • Thursday April 29th (5:00pm) – deadline for project registration. Tell us you’re participating by sending an email to with Video Project in the subject line.
  • Week of April 26 – the guide track and instructions will be made available
  • Monday, May 10 (5:00 pm) – submit your recording before, or by, this date
  • End of May (Date TBD) – video release

Those keen to get a better grip on the notes of their chosen part of Solstice Carol can utilize the practice sound files available on the private Choir Members page, music 2018-2019, near the bottom right. Password is 20songLove20

Just a heads up that there will probably be some rhythmic changes involved with the producer’s guide track and hey, you Alumni out there, you’re invited to participate too!

We’ve got a treat in store for all current and Alumni membership at our Choral Connection tomorrow – local musician Piper Hayes is dropping by to teach us one of her tunes after our usual break at 11:10. Piper is an accomplished performer, song-writer, as well as a teacher, who has expressed an interest in conducting our Hamilton Sings community this coming fall.

Geoff Ball’s sight reading workshop files are up on the home page of our website for you to purchase – the clickable link still says “coming soon” but the truth is they’ve already arrived. Just follow the instructions to gain access to this incredibly comprehensive course. You’ll improve your grip on the subject matter while supporting a local musician, and your choir of course.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is coming up and we are looking for those who would like to put their names forward as board members. Hamilton Sings is a registered charity that is bound by a structure that states board members have a 3-year term. The logic behind this is to encourage new, dynamic participation by membership. A board member will need computer access for monthly meetings (about 2 hours), will become familiar with the rules that bind our entity, and may opt to participate further in committee activities such as fundraising, membership drives, community outreach, etc. So, if you want things to run right around here – put your name forward, it’s your choir after all.


Brenda Atkinson


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