That Virus Lurks

Dearest Choristers

Well, here we are, another week has passed us by and that virus still lurks. As much as we wish it to be otherwise, in-person rehearsals are not in our immediate future.

But do stay tuned for some ‘virtual’ developments. Hanna and Sue are working on a plan for us to meet on the web. Even I, supreme techno-peasant, can follow a link somewhere. With that in mind, check out how some global citizens are coping:

Yesterday, I made myself useful in the garden. As the weather is mild, signs of another imminent spring season are a call to action. I’ve been trying to think of the positive outcomes of our necessary separation from each other – and nice gardens could very well be one of those outcomes, as people now have the time to make sure their gardens are well tended. While I attempted to clean up a winter’s worth of leaf fodder, I heard some unfamiliar sounds. Turns out my neighbours had spontaneously decided to say hi to each other by making music. Bells, kitchen pots, kazoos, tin garbage cans, and more, were employed in an attempt to say hi to each other. There was even dancing in the streets, albeit at a distance.

So in these trying times, lets remember how much good we have in each other and our music. Hamilton Sings has not only been an oasis of music every Saturday, it’s always believed in the power of community. Like my neighbours, and the global citizens above, we’re unified in our belief in music and its ability to deliver emotional, creative, and spiritual satisfaction.

Stay well.

Brenda Atkinson


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