The Vowel Called E

Hey Gang –

Last week we learned more about that vowel called E and it’s special relationship with falsetto and the chest register. We had fun with The Earth Is Our Mother, Tiny Perfect Moles, Skye Boat Song, Maid on the Shore, Butterfly, and others. Shape notes and ideal choir section ratios were also discussed. Plans are developing now to make tomorrow just as interesting, so don’t be late!

Is there a Korean speaker out there? Hanna would like some assistance on a song she’ d like us to try and is wondering is any of you, or a friend of yours, could lend a hand on pronunciation. Drop her a line at

Though Miss Manners has already publicly commented on Zoom etiquette and included the obvious details on muting and unwanted commentary on people’s wall art choices, she failed to consider a detail that can occasionally plague even the most civilized virtual gathering: if you need to adjust your screen please block your video feed so others don’t suffer seasickness at your hands – our sea shanties are challenge enough.

I was near St. Lawrence Market in Toronto yesterday and this term’s sea shanties came to mind when I spotted a guy on the street – I swear he looked like Capitaine Haddock himself. Grizzled old beard and salt spray hair constrained by a sea bird poop spattered black hat, with a black oil cloth coat – he was even smoking a corn pipe! I have decided that he must have weighed anchor in order to secure provisions and perhaps capture a maid on the shore – hopefully he knows what he’s doing, unlike that other captain we sing about.

See you all tomorrow at 10 am . . .   The link below is your ticket to song.


Brenda Atkinson


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